At Wave Basketball Academy, basketball is more than just a game; it's a community that nurtures young athletes, shaping them into both skilled players and well-rounded individuals. Located in the vibrant Bradenton/Sarasota area, we're proud to be a cornerstone of local basketball. 

Our mission is to provide a supportive environment where players thrive and cultivate a deep passion for the sport. With unwavering dedication, we offer comprehensive training programs that build a solid foundation in basketball fundamentals.

Join us on our journey to be the premier basketball program in Bradenton/Sarasota, where dreams become reality, and athletes flourish. Whether you're a beginner or aspiring athlete, Wave Basketball Academy is where your basketball journey begins.

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  • Fundamental mastery is our basketball training cornerstone, starting every player's journey.
  • Meticulously designed programs prioritize foundational development.
  • Our coaching covers essential skills - dribbling, shooting, strategy, teamwork.
  • Personalized training through tailored drills ensures individual growth.
  • We aim to exceed potential by fostering both technical and game understanding.
  • Holistic development focuses on physical, mental, and team dynamics on the court.
  • Physical conditioning is a core focus in our basketball philosophy for peak performance.
  • We prioritize an innovative, enjoyable approach that fosters positivity and motivation.
  • Tailored drills and strategic workouts enhance endurance and stamina.
  • Our emphasis on fitness ensures athletes surpass the game's rigorous demands.
  • Seamless integration of conditioning throughout training develops well-rounded players.
  • Our goal is to produce technically skilled athletes with exceptional endurance, excelling on the court.
  • Defensive Emphasis: Our philosophy values defense as crucial for game success.
  • All-Round Players: We train athletes to excel in offense and defense alike.
  • Comprehensive Coaching: Our staff imparts diverse defensive techniques and styles.
  • Skill and Mindset Development: Focused drills and guidance build defensive prowess.
  • Impactful Defense: Equipping players to make significant defensive contributions.
  • Winning Through Defense: Stressing the importance of stops and turnovers for victories.
  • Holistic Players: Creating athletes who contribute to scoring and securing wins through defensive prowess.
  • Teamwork Priority: Our philosophy values teamwork over individual brilliance in basketball success.
  • Unity Focus: We foster a sense of unity through collaborative efforts among players.
  • Collective Success: Emphasizing interdependence and synchronization for team achievements.
  • Cultivating a Team Culture: Strategic drills, communication, and defined roles build a cohesive unit.
  • Defined Roles, Shared Triumphs: Ensuring each player contributes to collective victories.
  • Strength in Cohesion: Players' strengths complementing each other for overall success.
  • Celebrating Together: True success is measured by collective achievements and unity celebrations.

Our Team

Luis Morales

Founder and Owner

Joshua Rountree

Program Director of Little Dribblers

Jeremy Schiller

Program Director of our Indoor Co-Ed League

Byron Jiles

Program Director of Friday night skills clinics

Eric Uhlinger


Randy Macomson


Eric Spiller


Erica Nelson


Brady Roberts


CK Moore


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Dive into the world of basketball excellence with Wave Basketball Academy. Our dedication to shaping champions and nurturing talent sets us apart. Join the journey to greatness today!

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